28 May, 2008

for micah...

~ happy third birthday, micah ~

yours on this special birth day,


22 May, 2008

silk knitting...

try as i might, i can't seem to get as much blogging in as i'd like these days - so short posts will have to do for now. i guess it's because i'm getting a lot of custom orders for hats so i'm spending a great deal of my time knitting - which i adore, of course!

lots of silk hats going out to italy, norway the UK and the USA! i'm hoping to get some colorful cotton hats in the shop, as well, for these warmer summer days. and i've got some great ideas for things for my waldorfmama shop, as well! hopefully soon.

yours in silky knitting,


15 May, 2008

my girl...

oh my, another 10 days have gone by and i'm getting behind in my posting again. here's a picture of my girl for now. i'll try to post again this weekend!

yours in busy spring days,


05 May, 2008

my hannah...

today is my firstborn's birth day. my cinco de mayo girl. my hannah. who taught me so much about being a mama. about who i am. and who i want to be. she is 26 today and has two babies of her own now, but it seems only yesterday i gave birth to her and was holding her in my arms and nursing her. she's taught me so very much. and was the guiding light on my path to all of the personal, albeit alternative, choices i've made in my life. child-led weaning, family bed, waldorf homeschooling, homebirthing, attachment parenting, baby wearing, and so much more. i love you, my sweet hannah. i'm so happy you chose me to be your mama! and i am so proud of the person and now the mama that you've become. you are an inspiration to me every single day and i love you more than you could ever know!

yours on this very special day, 


02 May, 2008

blue friday...

well, here we are at the end of color week. and what a fun week it has been. thank you, leya (over at curiousbird), for the inspiration! and thanks to everyone who participated. and a special thank you to those who visited my little blog here and left your thoughtful comments. it is always wonderful knowing you've stopped by.

now without further ado, here are my friday blues...

2 of the 7 dwarves

a thrifted blue bowl

maya's baby blues

luxurious silk yarn

blue knights

what a colorful and joyous week of color. i definitely plan to doing this again sometime.

yours in friday blues,


01 May, 2008

pink and red thursday...

happy may day to everyone! i will post more about this lovely festival this weekend when i have a little more time. but for now, on to day 4 of color week...

pink and red, two colors i absolutely adore together. very oilily. :-) something about these two colors side by side just makes me smile...

a special felted crown from green mountain wee woolies

a waxy star candle holder

a favorite felted flower

our kitchen timer

yummy sock yarn

wooden knitting needles

be sure to check out everyone else's pinks and reds over at curiousbird. and look for some special blues tomorrow!

yours in pink and red goodness on this lovely may day,