30 April, 2008

orange wednesday...

here we are on the third day of 'color week' already. my how the week is flying. first let me say that orange is my very favorite color and i had a hard time deciding which pictures to leave out today. again, check out the amazing people who are participating in this wonderful week of color over at curiousbird!  here are my choices for orange wednesday (by the way, it's always an orange day in my kitchen)...

my beloved le creuset in flame

my beloved kitchenaid in tangerine

our martinmas lanterns

our fiestaware in tangerine and persimmon

hazel's special dress

favorite cooking utensils

oh fun, tomorrow is pinks and reds - my two other favorites!

yours in tangerine love,


29 April, 2008

yellow tuesday...

here we are on the second day of 'color week'. what fun it is to see all of the other bloggers participating! take a peek over at curiousbird. inspiring, to say the least. so today is dedicated to the color of sunshine. oh, how i love sunny yellows.  here is my bright and happy selection for yellow tuesday...

a very special baby

star candle holder

knight's horse

yummy pepper

look out for orange wednesday tomorrow - orange in my favorite color!

yours in sunshine today,


28 April, 2008

green monday...

i just discovered a lovely group of people who are participating in 'color week' this week, so i decided to join them! you can find more info about it over at curiousbird. here are the colors designated for each day...

monday:  green
tuesday:  yellow
wednesday:  orange
thursday:  red/pink
friday:  blue

so here are my 'green monday' pictures...

elf  house

a thrifted jar home for felting needles

green meadow mushroom gnome

yours in greenness,


27 April, 2008

mother earth...

i missed making a post on the official day designated as earth day, but truly...every day is earth day.  so i wanted to share with you a verse we often use and it is especially meaningful during this time of year...

thank you, mother earth, for all that you give to us!

yours in loving gratitude,


25 April, 2008

around the house...

gosh, has it really been 10 days since i posted last? my, how time flies. i've been busy knitting lots of custom hats and trying to set aside some time to work with my new camera lens. i haven't been able to devote too much time to it, but here are a few favorite snaps from around our home...

and here is maya enjoying her banana this morning.  bananas were her very first table food, and she's loved them ever since...

i hope to get back into the swing again with regular posting. you'll be hearing from me again soon!

yours after too long away,


15 April, 2008

new camera lens...

well, i got a new camera lens and i just love it. it's a 50mm portrait lens and i'm just learning how to use it. what fun. here's the very first picture i took with it. my yogurt girl...

i've been so inspired by the many amazing and beautiful photos of my friends here in blogdom, that i really wanted to try to improve my own pictures. erin over at bluebirdbaby graciously shared some of her guidance and tips with me, since we discovered we use the same kind of camera (nikon D70). and she was the one who encouraged me to purchase this 50mm lens. and i'm so happy i did. thank you, erin! i've got a lot to learn and it will take a great deal of practice, but what fun this is going to be.

yours in inspiration,


08 April, 2008

another silk hat...

here's another made-to-order silk hat i've added to my etsy shop...

the natural creme silk is a favorite of mine. the very first hat i knitted for maya before she was born was in natural silk - the hat she wore only moments after her birth. i've always had silk hats for her on hand. she was quite a bald baby and living in texas with all of the air-conditioned locations around in the spring and summer...i wanted to keep her head warm and protected. but not too warm. silk is just perfect.

yours in silky perfection,


06 April, 2008

03 April, 2008

silk hats...

here are a couple of new custom silk hats i recently finished. perfect for spring...

i can not tell you how much i love knitting these little pilot caps in silk. it is definitely my yarn of choice for spring. and for newborns. maybe that's because i live in texas and most of the year round it is warm here (silk can really help keep your little one cool). or maybe it's the comforting and soothing feeling i always had of putting a silk hat like these on my own baby (maya wore her silk caps constantly until she was about 2 years old). oh what a luxuriously soft and delicate yarn to put on a newborn! not to mention the benefits of warmth and temperature control this fantastic fiber has to offer.

these two hats above belong to sarah over at uniquely you photography. she's an amazing and truly gifted photographer.  she had purchased a hat from my etsy shop previously and took this incredibly beautiful photo of a newborn babe wearing it! and so she wanted a few more. it was such a pleasure knitting these for her.

yours in silky goodness,