26 February, 2008

grape raspa...

okay, so here is the lastest and last addition to my made-to-order merino wool hats...

my husband picked the name for this color - grape raspa. he grew up in the valley in south texas (only 20 miles from the mexico border) and down there...a snocone is called a raspa. he said this color made his mouth water.

i'm busily trying to restock my waldorfmama shop with more felted eggs, more knitted doll clothes, window stars and more. plus get some custom hats for a dear etsy friend out the door that i've taken WAY too long to finish. i was also tagged by bex (over at poppy and mei days) for a 'seven random things about myself' meme...and i promise i'll do that in my next post, bex!

yours in catching up,



Dawn said...

I'll be looking for those felted easter eggs when you update your shop! I would love some of those.

Lizz said...

I'm there with you on the catching up part, being tagged, getting stuff going and life!

Lovely hat as always!! Are you getting Spring weather shelley?

Yarrow said...

Ooohhh! I love it!!! Purple is my favorite color and this is awesome!

Poppy & Mei said...

Phew! Whenever you are ready Shelley!
The new hat is great, I have a cardigan my mother-in-law knitted me in a similar colour way.
Can't wait for the shop update! Xxx

denise said...

I'm behind on Bex's tag too.

Lovely hat. And I must say I have been excited about the window stars...checking, rechecking, sure they will be gone when I finally realize... ;) Glad to hear it will be soon! They looked cool in your earlier photo.

That purple is so nice. Hmm.

shelleycaskey said...

dawn - i will be listing more felted eggs tonight!
lizz - yes, spring comes early in texas. :)
yarrow - i like purple, too!
bex - i'm happy you got your eggs already!
denise - i'm SO sorry for the delay on the window stars! i've had them made since my original post but have been trying desperately to get some good pics and can't seem to manage it. i may just list them with mediocre pics tonight. :)