20 June, 2008

summer solstice...

an afternoon car ride, loving her brother and the sun on her face...

yours in these warm days of summer,


15 June, 2008


how do i say all i want to say here? you are the most amazing and kind person i have ever known. strong. sensitive. beautiful. tender. loving. sweet. fun. affectionate. gentle. caring. giving. with so much integrity. my soulmate. maya's papi. a gift beyond compare. my best friend. what an amazing journey we are on together! how thankful i am that we found our way to one another. and what a gift you give to our daughter in the way that you love and care for her. and for me. happy papi's day!

yours forever,


09 June, 2008

my naomi...

today is my second born's birth day. my naomi. my strong-willed girl. who has taught me so very much. 22 years old today. independent. strong. self-disciplined. always with a mind of her own. the one i knew i would never worry about when she was out there in the world. she was my longest nurser. and nursed together with her little brother. my precious girl. how much i have learned from you, naomi. i admire you in so many ways. and i am so proud of the beautiful and creative person you have become.  i am so very thankful you are my daughter and i love you more than you could ever know!

yours in thankfulness on this special day,


04 June, 2008