08 January, 2009

waldorfmama has moved...

waldorfmama has moved to typepad! please come and join me there!

07 January, 2009

a new horizon...

today is a very special day. my one year anniversary of blogging! that's right, one year ago today i made my first humble post here. and the rest, as they say, is history. but something equally significant is happening today...

waldorfmama is moving! that's right - goodbye blogger, hello typepad! i've been considering this move for quite a while now, and my blogging anniversary seemed like a perfectly opportune time. but have no worries, dear friends - this move should be essentially invisible. you will continue to access my blog using the same web address as always - waldorfmama.com. and this blogspot blog, and all of my 08 posts, will remain here forever in it's entirety.

so come on over to my new home. it's a bit roomier and organized over there, so i'm one happy mama! and look for a special giveaway tomorrow to commemorate the occasion!

yours in seeking new horizons,


06 January, 2009

looking ahead...

i've got some big changes coming up for the blog on this, the eve of my one year anniversary here on blogger. wow, it's been a year already. what a pleasure and a joy it has been meeting and mingling with all of you here! thank you for this first year. for your presence here. your constant support. and your kind words. much more is in store for this waldorf mama! lots of things happening here, and a few surprises. be sure to stop by tomorrow to get the scoop!

yours in looking ahead,


05 January, 2009

snack time and nap time...

today the weather was rainy and cold. a good time to curl up with a yummy snack and some good books. 

and then a long nap with papi. i hope everyone is enjoying some nice, cozy winter days!

yours on a cozy rainy cold day here in texas,


04 January, 2009

for the love of gnomes...

gnomes. we love them. in fact, my second post (almost a year ago) here on my brand new waldorfmama blog was about gnomes. wondrous little wintery creatures from folklore. that spark our imagination, from which we can weave magical tales as they help us with our crafts, mine for gems deep within the earth or stop to take shelter under a toadstool. yes, gnomes are little treasures. and you can see a few of ours here and here and here and here. don't they just make you smile?

knitted waldorf gnome by orit dotan

two evi gnome girls that maya received in her christmas stocking

yours from gnomeland,


03 January, 2009

around the house...

felted mamas by haddy2dogs

ostheimer shepherd boy and hen house

small felted tapestry by orit dotan

to jack...

happy birthday to my dear brother-in-law, jack ~ we love you!

02 January, 2009

winter gnomes...

with clang and clash in caverns cold,
we gather glittering, gleaming gold.

with ding and dong in the dark and deep,
we search where silver secrets sleep.

with a hey and a ho in a hundred homes,
we mine the mountains' magic stones.

01 January, 2009

warm wishes...

~ to all of my dear friends here ~

much love,