31 December, 2008

on the eve of a new year...

on this eve of a new year, i am reflecting back on the past twelve months. and i am thankful. thankful for so very many things. for my precious children and their health and happiness. for my sweet husband and best friend, and his continuous love and support. for my extended family and their giving spirits. for this amazing online community of friends. for our prosperity. for our freedom. for the kindness of strangers. for the perfect timing of the universe. for guardian angels. for boundless love. and for the hope and light of new leadership for our country in the coming year. may we all feel as one and visualize peace!

happy new year, one and all!

30 December, 2008

december 2006...

2 year old maya ~ christmas 2006

29 December, 2008

baby love...

there's a lot of baby love going on around here. and not just by our little mama. i absoultely adore waldorf dolls. what a treasure each one is. we have welcomed two new babies into our family this season, and i suspect you'll be seeing a lot of them in the days to come. here is sweet baby clara (handmade by annette at woolcreations), who has barely left maya's arms since she arrived...

yours in some special baby doll love,


28 December, 2008

felted artwork...

i have always loved felted tapestries. there is something so magical and captivating about them to me. here are three of my favorite felted creations made by three amazing artists who are fellow etsians and good friends...

this one hangs on maya's bedroom door and was a custom piece made for me by crazymomma productions

this one hangs in our bedroom and was also a custom piece made for me by orit dotan

this one hangs in my hall and was made by haddy2dogs

yours in appreciation of some very talented fellow etsy artists,


27 December, 2008

nativity print...

here is the nativity print that maya requested for the frame in her bedroom windowsill. she likes the rainbow of colors. i like the simple figures and lovely flowing lines...

yours in appreciation of beautiful artwork,


25 December, 2008

happy christmas to all...

...and warmest wishes this holiday season, from our family to yours!

much love,

shelley, wesley and maya

24 December, 2008

final day of advent...

on the final day of advent, christmas eve, our celebration culminates in the lighting of our advent spiral. 24 days of advent, 24 candles lit. slowly and symbolically we light each candle, in turn, and remember each kingdom of nature we have celebrated and honored over the past weeks - minerals, plants, animals, and humankind. and as we light each candle, the room becomes ever brighter...reminding us of the days to come and the sun's ever brightening life force returning to the earth.

also on this day, we traditionally gather with our family and loved ones for a wonderful meal and to celebrate the opening of a few gifts. so we are off to fellowship with our family. happy christmas eve to all!

yours in light and love on this special day,


the christmas tree...

23 December, 2008

fourth advent gift...

for maya's fourth week of advent gift (in honor of humankind), she was given a very special 'baby' doll (lovingly handmade by my friend, annette, at woolcreations). this doll, being shaped more like a real baby than her other dolls, has really brought out the 'little mama' in maya. and it is with great care and attention each day that she is sweetly tending to her new little one, whom we have named clara...

yours in welcoming new baby doll clara into our family,


welcoming the light...

during this darkest time of year and as the cold surrounds us, we celebrate the light within. we nestle warmly in our homes and light candles to remind us of the rebirth of the sun as we make way for a new year. we witness the magic of this season, in all it's glory, and hold each other close.

yours in celebration of the light,


22 December, 2008

felted ornaments...

i realized today that i hadn't put any photos of my felted christmas ornaments from my waldorfmama shop here on my blog, so here are a couple of my favorites. i wanted to make a lot more this year, but because of an abundance of custom orders for my hats...i didn't get as many ornaments made as i would have liked. oh well, there is always next year.  :)

yours in the joy of a handmade christmas,


fourth week of advent...

and now we begin the fourth and final week of advent, when we celebrate and honor the strength and beauty of the human being. all of the kingdoms of nature contribute to our existence. we all have mineral, plant and animal aspects surrounding and supporting the flame of our individual human spirit. and it is this flame that is the essence of what it is to be human.

yours in celebrating this fourth week of advent,


21 December, 2008

happy solstice...

happy winter solstice to you!

third advent gift...

for maya's third week of advent gift (and in honor of the animal kingdom), we added a few animals to our ostheimer collection. the endless play of taking care of the animals, making sure they have been properly fed and cared for...has been our theme all week.

yours in celebration of this third week of advent,


20 December, 2008

custom knitting...

here is a custom order i've recently completed. a light blue doll cardigan and pink dress in a dreamy wool/silk blend. this set goes out to my special friend, birdie.  :)

yours in more happy custom order knitting,


19 December, 2008

handknitting stockings...

i also wanted to showcase here a few of the handknitted christmas stockings i've made and sold in my waldorfmama shop...

yours in more knitting fun,


the stockings are hung...

although not by the chimney (since we don't have a fireplace), they are hung with care. :) i love our family christmas stockings. these were a custom order and handmade by a fellow etsian last year (although she is no longer in business now), handknitted and felted in my very favorite color combinations!

yours as we draw closer to christmas day,


18 December, 2008

tis the season...

mary with child

saint nicholas candle decoration

mary and joseph traveling

17 December, 2008

nativity poem...

mary rocks her baby,
joseph holds a light,
ox and donkey standing
in the stable bright.

shepherds in the doorway
come to greet the child,
now they kneel before him
and his mother mild.

one holds out a lambkin
soft and white as snow,
all shall give their presents
ere they homeward go.

16 December, 2008

winter knits...

a favorite knit hat and sweater

winter knits for all 0f the dolls, too, of course