06 August, 2008

a girl and her doll...

yours in loving sweetness,



Mariengold said...

Hello Shelley,

how nice they both are, the beloved doll and your Maya.

Speaking of dolls I want to tell you that I left a message for you at Dawanda on monday. I wonder if you got it. So here it is again:

You can now buy Baby Ann. When you have bought it my husband will send you the paypal invoice for the payment. Therefor we need your private e-mail adress.

The cost for shipping to the US is 12,90 Euro. Sadly we don't have the opportunity to send the doll covered by insurance. So I suggest we both accept the risk and in case the parcel gets lost I will send you half of the money back. But let me tell you that I sent lots of packages to foreign countries in the past and they all arrived sound and safe.

I am happy to send my first doll to the US and hope you and Maya wil enjoy it.

We are going on holiday for a week on Saturday. So I would be pleased if you answered me before. Maybe I can send the doll to you before our journey.

Have a nice day, Maria

Yarrow said...

So sweet.

shelleycaskey said...

hi maria - i'm so sorry i missed your message! i have answered you at dawanda now. i'm so happy ann is going to be ours! ~ shelley

TheSingingBird said...

there was a book that i loved as a child called
The Best-Loved Doll and these sweet photos remind me of it, and the special closeness i shared with my own dolls, such a beautiful time to cherish.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Such a precious photo of child and doll. That would make such a lovely holiday gift to family members.

Nicole said...

So sweet!!
I wnated to let you know I got my new lens last week. I have a couple pics on my blog with it. Thank so much for your input!! I love this lens!

Carle said...

So Sweet