29 September, 2008


today is michaelmas, the feast of saint michael. a festival welcoming autumn and celebrating the harvest season, as well as the 'slaying of dragons'...as we turn inward for the coming winter. a celebration of courage, steadfastness and hope. a time of change where the outside light fades and the inner light must be stoked and kept burning for the long cold days and nights ahead. it is a time to partake in the bounty of harvest. and yet a time to also prepare and store all that will be needed until the next spring. a season for turning our focus inward and finding our own strength and power within...

saint george and the dragon

i give to you a cape of light
to give you courage, strength and might.
you have polished your sword so strong, so bright
use it only for the right.

maya in her special golden cape and crown

yours in celebration of this special autumn festival,



Stacy said...

lovely post!

Nicole said...

How beautiful as always!! <3
I just posted our michaelmas celebration on our blog, mut be that time of the night! LOL!

patience said...

Beautiful ... as always :-)

Nicole said...

Shelly, Do you happen to know why do the waldorf schools present pictures of St. George the knight slaying the dragon during Michaelmas? This has been confusing me for awhile now,LOL.

shelleycaskey said...

thanks, everyone!

nicole - it has always been my understanding that saint george and the dragon is a traditional story shared at michaelmas as a representation of conquering the 'dragons' within (weaknesses, fears, etc) during this 'turning inward' season. and facing the future with strength and courage. :)

Mariengold said...

A wonderful post on michaelmas. We also celebrated it yesterday in Lenis kindergarten and also at home with a special novel.

Shelley, tell me, has Baby Ann finally arrived? I am a bit worried because I didn't hear from you for such a long time. Please give me a sign.

Enjoy these golden autumn days,


Mariengold said...

I just read again the comment of Nicole. I understand her question in a different way. Maybe she wanted to know why there are two characters standing for michaelmas, archangel michael and knight st. george. This might be a bit confusing. And I also wondered a long time what they both mean. Yesterday at our parent-teacher-conference I found out that st. george is the ambassador of michel on earth. st. george appears in this world, michel in the other world.

It is a lovely time, isn't it?

Greetings to all, Maria

shelleycaskey said...

maria - thank you for that clarification. yes, saint george is considered the 'earthly representative' of the archangel michael. sorry i didn't make that clearer. :)

Nicole said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me Shelley :) and you too maria :)