15 October, 2008

my first ostheimer...

i was inspired by maike's question in the comments from my last post...to take a picture of the very first ostheimer figures i ever purchased, and here they are:

rider, horse for rider and farmer's wife

i bought these 3 figures more than 20 years ago, in the little waldorf school store...the very first time i went to our one and only waldorf school here in texas (austin). it was in the kindergarten there that i was overcome by a deep connection and feeling of reverence that i had never felt before. i knew right then and there that waldorf was my path. that i was to be a waldorf mama. and i have been connected to this waldorf way ever since that day. these 3 little figures represent that moment of discovery, that moment of 'rebirth' for me. and they will always be cherished. as are all of the ostheimer figures and treasures we have collected and loved since then.

yours in ostheimer memories,



martha said...

Shelley, that is lovely. The farmer's wife is one of my favorite figures. They really do represent how waldorf toys should be beautiful and lovingly made.

Jane said...

Your first are so beautiful. We bought our first this past July for my son's 4th birthday present. I am a newborn to getting to know Waldorf. I just learned about it less than a year ago...and I understand the feeling of connection you said you got. How I wish I knew about Waldorf years ago. I am in deep crash course mode and slowly removing the slime from our home from the mass media craze we once knew. Your blog is so inspiring and an amazing window into the Waldorf way.

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

They are beautiful Shelley! It certainly feels good to be surrounded by beautiful, meaningful things. Aesthetics really are important!

shelleycaskey said...

martha - yes, i agree. :)

jane - it's wonderful that you've found waldorf and i'm happy you've found my blog to be inspiring. :)

mama randa - yes, i truly believe in the importance and significance of surrounding our children with beautiful, meaningful things. :)

patience said...

Beautiful. I also came to love Waldorf by entering a kindergarten, and felt that same sense of reverence and connection ... but although I tried for years to bring it into my family, it was a real struggle against other forces. Only now am I winning!

Thank you for the beauty and inspiration of your weblog.

walk in the woods said...

What an wonderful collection of Ostheimer figures you have Shelley. We are very slowly building ours. I love the feel of the wood figures; it is like the spirit of the person who made them is still there coming through them.

shelleycaskey said...

patience - i'm happy you are finally finding your way. :) and happy to be an inspiration. :)

walkinthewoods - i couldn't agree more! these type of lovingly handmade toys made of natural materials always feel so 'alive'.

Grace said...

The farmer's wife was the first one that we had -- in fact, I saw her in the Nova catalog years ago and she was the inspiration for beginning our collection. I hope that one day we are able to have as lovely an Ostheimer collection as you do.

lots of love, Grace