29 November, 2008

heartwood arts...

along with the other beautiful wooden toys i've shared recently, i've also had the pleasure and honor of collecting through the years a few things from master woodworker, bill bluhm, of heartwood arts. a waldorf father himself, he is a gifted artist in the truest sense of the word. here are a few of our cherished heartwood arts toys (you can see which ones are older and more 'loved', as the wood has aged and turned a bit darker and richer in color)...

big kingdom castle set

king and queen

gnome home

mamas, papas and children


to honor the work of this amazing artist and in appreciation for all beautifully handmade, lovingly created, waldorf toys...i've started a new little flickr group i'm calling 'waldorf play' (as a companion to my 'waldorf home' and 'waldorf festivals' flickr groups). please come and join me there and share photos of your treasured waldorf toys with us!

yours in celebration of the beauty of waldorf toys,



Linda said...


Your wooden toys are beautiful!!

Marina said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! You do have the most beautiful toys. I actually called Bill Bluhm a few weeks ago to order some of these lovely pieces, what a really nice man. I love your collection!

Melissa N. said...

My son will be receiving a Bill Bluhm gnome home for Christmas that I purchased from Nova. I know he will love it. I bought him the ostheimer bridge set to go with, but that is a great bridge you have here.

calynde said...

You are truly the queen of beautiful toys!

TheSingingBird said...

such beautiful work made with so much love

hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family shelley!♥