19 November, 2008


hey everyone, please help me give a warm and wonderful welcome to my new sponsor...babybearshop.com! this wonderful online shop offers 100% natural and organic skincare products for mamas and babies. and was created by a mama in her own very personal search for a pure alternative for her baby who had allergies.

this company is truly committed to organic. and they believe firmly in supporting organic sustainable farming methods. in their own words..."we are committed to our planet. and we are committed to our children. we believe that every day is a new chance to make the best choices for our children, their future, and the world we live in." and how about this? for every order placed, they plant a tree to offset carbon emissions!

and just take a look at this lovely holiday recycled glass soy wax candle. a perfect idea for the holidays for yourself or someone you love. and you can sign up on their site to enter into a free giveaway for it!

thanks, everyone. and welcome babybearshop!



TheSingingBird said...

this is just the kind of company i want to see more of around the planet, thanks for featuring them shelley

~ps,i was just tagged for the first time, so i'm now tagging you if you wish to play...post 7 little known facts about you and then tag 7 of your favorite bloggers in turn...and if you don't wish to play~you're still one of my favs!
hugs, birdie♥

Nicole Spring said...

I'm in love with their candle!Congrats Shelley and Welcome babybear shop!!

shelleycaskey said...

birdie - thank you. :) and, of course, i'd be happy to play along. :)

nicole - thanks!