24 December, 2008

final day of advent...

on the final day of advent, christmas eve, our celebration culminates in the lighting of our advent spiral. 24 days of advent, 24 candles lit. slowly and symbolically we light each candle, in turn, and remember each kingdom of nature we have celebrated and honored over the past weeks - minerals, plants, animals, and humankind. and as we light each candle, the room becomes ever brighter...reminding us of the days to come and the sun's ever brightening life force returning to the earth.

also on this day, we traditionally gather with our family and loved ones for a wonderful meal and to celebrate the opening of a few gifts. so we are off to fellowship with our family. happy christmas eve to all!

yours in light and love on this special day,



Anonymous said...

Where did you find the wonderful Advent calendar? I really enjoy your blog always inspires me for everything! Happy Holidays.

Melissa N. said...

Merry Christmas Shelley ;o)

shelleycaskey said...

anonymous - we bought the advent calendar at our local waldorf school. :)

melissa - merry christmas to you, too! :)