07 December, 2008

first week of advent...

we missed most of the first week of advent here at home since we were out of town and with family. now that we are back home again, we are quickly catching up and enjoying our usual and much-anticipated advent festivities. we set up the nativity on our nature table, put up our new advent calendar, maya received her first advent gift and we lit the first of our advent candles (we will begin week 2 tomorrow).

our ostheimer nativity

this year's advent calendar

lighting the first of our advent candles

this first week of advent, we celebrate the mineral world - the physical foundation for life. for without the mineral world, we would have no ground to stand on. our favorites are the amethyst crystals we have collected through the years. i like to imagine all the little gnomes working underground to tend to them.

amethyst crystals

yours in cheerfully celebrating our first week of advent,



Amber said...

You are always amazing...xxx

Crescent Moon said...

I enjoying seeing what other families do to celebrate.
Your advent calendar is really beautiful!

Grace said...

I really like your advent calendar!

Mama Morris said...

Where can I find more information about celebrating the four weeks of advent in this way? It sounds lovely...