17 December, 2008

nativity poem...

mary rocks her baby,
joseph holds a light,
ox and donkey standing
in the stable bright.

shepherds in the doorway
come to greet the child,
now they kneel before him
and his mother mild.

one holds out a lambkin
soft and white as snow,
all shall give their presents
ere they homeward go.


Joy said...

Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing. :)

Grace said...

Is the painting by one of your older daughters? How old was she when she made it?

shelleycaskey said...

grace - this watercolor was done by my middle daughter, naomi (who is now 22) when she was 7 years old. :)

Suse said...

Shelley that poem is beautiful! I would like to copy it out and incorporate it into our celebrations if you don't mind. Did you write it? I'd like to give the author all due credit.

blessings to you my friend