14 December, 2008

saint lucia...

yesterday was saint lucia's day. this is a swedish tradition that is celebrated in most waldorf schools. the scandinavian legend is that of a white-clad maiden, wearing a crown of burning candles so she could be seen in the darkness, who brought food to the starving villagers on the shores of lake vanern. throughout sweden on this day...the eldest daughter in each household comes to her parents, dressed in a long white gown tied with a red sash and wearing a crown of lighted candles, and on her tray she carries coffee or tea and saffron 'lucia' buns - which are also shared with loved ones and neighbors.

saint lucia's day is another festival of light that we celebrate during this dark time of year as we usher in our christmas time festivities.

maya in her felted saint lucia crown, handmade by haddy2dogs

felted saint lucia doll, also handmade by haddy2dogs

yours in continuing the celebration of light,



Grace said...

we celebrated today since we got our christmas tree yesterday (only one activity per day here, lol!). i was once again amazed by the simple things that bring such joy to children. bringing a breakfast of tea and pastries to us in our beds today made my little one happier than any number of "exciting" activities ever could.

shelleycaskey said...

grace - only one activity for us each day, too! and yesterday was my husband's birthday. :)

Jimena said...

I don't have idea about this tradition, thanks for share, beatiful photos!!! and nice blog