15 December, 2008

third week of advent...

during the third week of advent, we honor the animal kingdom. as we focus on our relationship with the birds and beasts, we are reminded of how they reflect our own most basic soul state. it is during this time of advent, as well as our own observation of nature, that we experience a settling down. a feeling of being blanketed for a long winter's nap. just as some our animal friends settle in for hibernation. the shorter daylight hours bring us inside much earlier than other times of the year, and advent balances this darkness and sleepiness with expectation and anticipation.

advent table decoration, third week

buntspechte donkey

osthiemer nativity animals

advent candles, third week

yours in celebrating this third week of advent,



Yarrow said...

What a beautiful advent wreath. I LOVE the animals! Blessings.

Amber said...

oh perfect..xx

Michaela said...

I really love your blog. It gives me al lot of inspiration.
Greetings from Germany!!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful advent candle holders! Do you find them locally? Love the knits!