02 January, 2009

winter gnomes...

with clang and clash in caverns cold,
we gather glittering, gleaming gold.

with ding and dong in the dark and deep,
we search where silver secrets sleep.

with a hey and a ho in a hundred homes,
we mine the mountains' magic stones.


Anonymous said...


momto5 said...

i like it

Rachel Weiss said...

a sweet new year to you! i so have enjoyed your beautiful posts this year, thank you for that wonderful gift. i love your watercolor painting. Funny, I was just about to post ours too. Is that from peter william butterblow? It could be if not.

shelleycaskey said...

thanks, everyone. :)

rachel - i got this little poem from wynstones press' 'winter'. but yes, it does sound like it could be from peter william butterblow - we love that book. :)

paloma said...

hola: me gusta mucho tu blog ¿podrías poner un TRADUCTOR para el español? Muchas gracias es todo muy bonito.