09 July, 2008

me :: wednesday

'i honor in you the divine that i honor within myself and i know we are one.' ~ deepak chopra

today is global peace mediation day. please take a moment to join thousands of meditators around the globe in the collective intention of creating peace in the world and peace within.  you can find more info here. be the change!

yours on this peace full wednesday,



Dawn said...

I like the idea of global peace meditation day...I'll spend some time doing that today- maybe try and get my kids to as well. Cool camera ;)

TheSingingBird said...

Thank you Shelley, I didn't know about this so I just sat and did this after reading your post a short while ago.

Peace and Namaste♥

Dyan said...

I was so happy to come across your blog today because I've been curious about Waldorf learning for a few months now and you have so many helpful resources especially the books. I think I'll check out Enlivening the Heart Chakra, it seems really interesting. I didn't know today was Global Peace Meditation day. Thanks for sharing that.
Blessings of Love & Peace,

Lizz said...

Thanks for that note.