04 January, 2009

for the love of gnomes...

gnomes. we love them. in fact, my second post (almost a year ago) here on my brand new waldorfmama blog was about gnomes. wondrous little wintery creatures from folklore. that spark our imagination, from which we can weave magical tales as they help us with our crafts, mine for gems deep within the earth or stop to take shelter under a toadstool. yes, gnomes are little treasures. and you can see a few of ours here and here and here and here. don't they just make you smile?

knitted waldorf gnome by orit dotan

two evi gnome girls that maya received in her christmas stocking

yours from gnomeland,



Martha said...

I adore Orit's gnomes. I hope to be a caretaker of one...someday!!

mandi said...

i love gnomes too (as you can see from my profile pic)! those evi girls are precious!

Sarah said...

I love gnomes as well. I have a pattern for a gnome like Orit's but it's all in German!

Carmelinchen said...


I love your blog. I got a lot of inspiration for our life.


greetings from Germany